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Government Accounting

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Government organizations require a level of specialized accounting assistance to ensure that they comply with specific financial procedures and statues. At Corcoran Hegarty & Associates, we have considerable experience with delivering accounting and finance support to government organizations in and around Stroudsburg, PA. We can ensure that government departments remain compliant with all of the complex legislation that applies to them and the work that they carry out.


Budgeting for Government Departments

Government finances must be planned and monitored year round. At Corcoran Hegarty & Associates, we can assist with financial strategies that will help you meet the obligations placed upon your government department or authority. By understanding the financial environment within which you operate, and helping you to identify challenges in the near future, we can assist you in making plans with a high degree of accuracy.
There are certain key issues surrounding government finances, such as:
  • Movement in the local population, including predicted growth or decline
  • Changes in technology and the impact on service users
  • Maintenance and replacement schedules for equipment or public facilities
  • Changes in legislation or the operating environment 

Financial Monitoring

Once your budget and financial plan are in place, we can help you monitor and evaluate your actual progress. This will assist you in operating within your defined budget as well as account for all of your stakeholders. We can help you identify relevant financial performance indicators that alert you when you are veering off course. This information enables your team to make the necessary corrections to avoid overspending or failing to deliver the expected service on time. 

Audit Preparation

At Corcoran Hegarty & Associates, we can assist you with planning for audits, ensuring that you are fully prepared for any questions or issues that may arise. We can help you identify which pieces of information will be required and provide an objective test for your key financial systems and controls. Our specialists are willing to work with you to build a portfolio that will satisfy the most rigorous auditor.

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